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Incident 1 – The Diyas. When Every Lit Candle Is Afraid Of You



Horror diaries of a receiver 2.

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Horror diaries of a receiver 2.

There is no foolproof way of getting rid of a spirit that is targeting your family. You can’t change your phone number, or block it on all forms of social media like you would an ex-boyfriend. There are only intangible things you can do, like pray, or just have faith.

When my family, and particularly I, was plagued with a year-long bout of bad luck and ill-health, we went to see a man who could communicate with the other side. This man was a ‘receiver’ (very much like my mother and I, as we had been told) who had developed his gift to full capacity, and could therefore skillfully understand and interact with certain forces. Being a strong believer of the more belief-based methods, we were instructed (by him) to recite a prayer every night, accompanied by lighting a specific number of glass diyas, which were said to absorb negative energies. We were warned though, that certain phenomena might occur with these diyas, things that we couldn’t even imagine. 

Unseen force within?

Unseen force within?

And so we did it. Every night, we religiously lit the lamps and chanted the prayer. We weren’t sure if it was even working, but it was comforting nonetheless. However, as predicted, some unexplainable things started to happen. Every time I even walked past the candles, they would either begin to crackle violently or go off altogether. After a point, the glass containers themselves began to crack in my presence. 

Someone else could have blown the candles out and it still wouldn’t douse the flame. With me, a step in their direction and the flames would do a wild dance, as though they were welcoming the devil… Okay, I’m kidding about that part, but it couldn’t have just been a coincidence. 

On a day I was feeling particularly unwell, I happened to be sitting in front of the diyas. I heard a cracking sound, and saw a line slowly run across the row of glass containers, one by one. Three seconds later, all the glasses simultaneously shattered.

Some horror movie shit, right? 

This moment confirmed it – I hadn’t been incurably sick because of some sudden influx of bad bacteria in my system. Some force, almost parasite-like had latched on to me, and it didn’t want to let go anytime soon. 

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By Tiana Kirpalani
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