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The Ghost Of Guirim | 101 Great Indian Ghost Stories



A strand of hair brings good fortune. But at what cost?

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A strand of hair brings good fortune. But at what cost?

DISCLAIMER: This video contains shots that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. Smoking kills.

Back in the days before there was electricity, people believed in ghosts and the supernatural a lot more. When Angela Aunty begins to talk about the Simcar - a mysterious gypsy folk with mysterious abilities, Francis tells a personal story. How his own grandfather stole a hair from a Simcar, and the consequences that followed.

Nowhere else is there as wide a range of spooky stories and fables as in India. Great Indian Ghost Stories is a collection of horror stories from Kashmir to Kochi, starting in Goa. Join us as we explore India through its folklore, its living present and the spirits of its past.

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