Storytellers of a new generation
Unique horror stories from India


The Ghost Of Guirim | 101 Great Indian Ghost Stories

A strand of hair brings good fortune. But at what cost?

Creepers | 101 Shorts

Think you can watch this in a dark room with the lights off?

Diary Of Horror #3: Haunted Theatre

A reality show contestant is led through unknown routes in the theatre by an entity not of this world.

The Diary Of Horror

An Ex TV producer's diary excerpts on her true experiences with the paranormal.

Diary Of Horror #2: The Abandoned Jail

Coming face to face with true darkness creeping in the ruins of a jail from the British Raj.

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Diary Of Horror #1: A Night Of Possession

The first shoot location of a reality-horror series where the makers lived through a night of possession.

An Online Video Changed The Way I Look At The Abandoned House At St. Marks Road

Urban legends are scary. What if they were just around the corner?

Whatever Happened To The Monsters Under Our Beds?

You used to be scared of the dark. Now, Monday mornings are scarier.

A Ghost Punched Me In The Chest

19 y.o. Sarabjeet Mohanty, the world's youngest certified Demonologist, spoke to us about spirits and the supernatural on All Hallows' Eve.