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How To Get Out Of The ‘Friendzone’ And Get Laid!



Don’t let her treat you like her gay best friend. Unless you are one.

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Many soldiers have been shot down because of the friend zone. “Let's just be friends” she says. This first LJBF is the start of a long torturing downhill ride.

But this is not a new phenomenon. It happened before 1500 B.C. as well, when ravishing Neanderthal women refused to put out.

This is an empowering position for a woman. See, women have 100% discretion on whether you get some or not.


Being stuck in the friend zone is worse than a posting in Ladakh with 1500 other men; at least you know you aren't getting some. 

Being friendzoned leaves you hanging, it's the yellow light on that traffic signal. It puts your existence as a man into a big hollow question mark. 

And I'm going to teach how to get out of it. I have done it twice.


#1 - Get her off the pedestal 

Taking away all the attention you have got her used to is your way of making a statement. It shows that you do not ‘need’ her. It also gives you time to do other things and more importantly stop obsessing over her because if done correctly, she will be the one obsessing. 

If you do not do this, she will soon be coming to you with 'other' guy problems. You will become her gay best friend. 


#2 - Show yourself a good time 

Do things that amuse you.

Self-amusement is sexy and builds your inner confidence. Also let out the inner animal within you, it might be tough to find it, but it’s lurking around in some corner of some artery. It is time to nail that other girl you have been friendzoning.

Free yourself from any outcome. Remember to consciously enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

#3 - Make her feel

It doesn't matter if you make her feel bad or good. For a woman emotions are emotions. Making her feel something is your way of telling her that you can control a part of her. Even if that part of her is tinier than your toenail, it is something. 


#4 - Act fast 

Once you have proved your worth. Dive in. And make your move. Be clear in your intentions.

#5 - Carry a condom. Always.

You never know.

Words & Photography: Karan Khosla

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