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A song for the rains, and how it came to be.

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A song for the rains, and how it came to be.

Track: Home Away From Home
Artists: Reuel Benedict & Sahirah
Mix Engineer: Shantanu Hudlikar
Theyyam Artist: 'Vettakkorumakan' by Payyannur Ganeshan
Director: Sajeed A
DOP: Hari K. Vedantam & Magesh M
Editor & Colourist: Shara Sethna
Asst. Director & Editor: Yash Bandi

How do you translate the feeling that the rains bring into sound and music? We set exactly this task to composer Reuel Benedict, vocalist Sahirah and sound mix maestro Shantanu Hudlikar. They came through with flying colours. Presenting Home Away From Home, an ode to India's monsoons, set to a classical 'Theyyam' performance by Payyannur Ganeshan.

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