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In Search Of An Anthem With Feyago: Episode 1: Hip Hop Homeland North East



The journey to create a hip hop anthem for the North East begins with rapper Feyago in Kolkata.

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When we asked rapper Feyago to journey through North East India to create an iconic hip hop anthem, he began his journey in his home town of Kolkata. Talking to us about his roots, and how he got started in the music industry, Feyago set off for Shantiniketan, looking for a Baul folk singer - one of Bengal's oldest forms of music. 

The journey takes us through the sights, sounds, and tastes of West Bengal, culminating with the creation of an iconic fusion of traditional Bengali folk music and urban hip hop, in a track simply titled 'Baul'. Check out the music video below:

Directors: Mandesh Shetty, Rishabh Soin
Asst. Director: Shakunendra Singhal
DOP: Rameshwar Naidu
Camera: Parvdeep Singh Dandona
Line Producer: Mrinal Paul
Editor: Jatin Dua, Jerin Jose, Ramesh Satya
Feyago's Makeup: Sne Sharma
Technical Asst: Shubham Rai

101 India’s Hip Hop Homeland is an on going web series on the burgeoning underground Hip Hop scene in India. It’s the voice of the street, bringing together artists who use rap as a medium to voice out the real issues they face in their hood. After a successful stint in the North and the West, this season, we head to the Northeast with popular rapper Feyago, on a journey to find & collaborate with the finest Hip Hop talent in the region.

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