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I Left The Coldplay Concert In Disgust. It Looked Better On TV

What the Global Citizen Festival looked like from the cheap seats.

I Went For The Coldplay Concert Sober As Hell, And It Didn’t Disappoint

With politics and Bollywood mixed into a rock show, I wasn't sure what to expect.

The Dreamy, Lazy, Delhi Band 'Begum' Like Keeping Music Simple

Their new album is called We Are Excited, but they're mostly just lazy.

Swet Shop Boys And The Art Of Multicultural Mashups

The transatlantic rap group celebrates blurred identities and the rise of the mongrel.

I Sang Happy Birthday To Shaggy In A Kurla Mall

A concert in a food court that filled me with guilt, awe and sexual contemplation.

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Mera Bharat Mahan? Kolkata-Based Band Ganesh Talkies Don't Seem To Think So Anymore

The story behind their new single `The Great Indian Freak Show’.

Here’s Why I Can’t Wait For Coldplay To Come To Mumbai

A confession: if your absolute favorite band in the world is Coldplay, I’m judging you.

Connected & Disconnected: Donn Bhat Is Never Signing Out

The music composer discusses 'Connected' and its underlying theme of life in a big city.

Portrait Of A Band: Spud In The Box

Discovering the meaning of the word 'artist' with Mumbai's highbrow rockers.

He Calls Himself Mr India, He Calls His Music Political Pop

'All good art is political! There is none that isn’t'- Toni Morrison.