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When Mumbai's Underground Hip Hop Movement Finally Hit The Stage

Divine | Naezy | Prabh Deep | Swadesi | Mumbai's Finest | Hip Hop Homeland LIVE in Mumbai.

Mumbai's Hip-Hop Scene Hasn't Come of Age, and Neither Have its Scenesters

Dominic's debut as a bouncer at the first Hip-Hop Homeland gig. From the outside, looking out.

Radiohead Equals Mass Hysteria. The incredible Hype Around Their Stunning New Single

A low-flying panic attack: Early thoughts on ‘Burn The Witch’.

Hip Hop Homeland Live: The Inherent, Unquestionable Coolness Of Hip-Hop

There's an explosive indie hip-hop scene in the country, and more people need to experience it first-hand.

The Road Ahead For Hip-Hop Homeland

“The courage to be yourself is the essence of hip-hop” - KRS-One.

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The Listening Room: Songs Of Noise & Disquiet In A Bakery

Dipping into the indie underground via the Listening Room sessions — bizarre experimental music, non-traditional venues, oddball stage set-ups, the spirit...

Why Taher Shah Really Is An Angel

Easy to Hate Him but 101India LOVES TAHER SHAH!

"Some People Say Stars Have It Easy. Everybody Is Going Through Their Own Shit Man”

We meet Musician Vicky Goswami and learn about life on the fringes of Bollywood.

From High School Singing Contests To Being Uday Benegal

One of the indie music's biggest influences talks about his journey through the scene.

The Indian Music Scene Is Finally Wising Up To Art-Music Collaborations

Independent music artists provide an insight into the importance of band artwork.

"DJs And Electronic Musicians Are Just Frauds And Imposters Conning The Innocent Listeners,...

The actual warriors are those honest-to-goodness, true-blooded Real Musicians. Right?