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Vishal Dadlani On His Greatest Fear, Greatest Love, His Looks And PM Modi

The Pentagram frontman answers some mind bending questions.

Playing God To Win Him Over

Bridge between the human and the divine.

Watching The Ice Men Of Mumbai’s Fish Trade Is Like Watching A Painful Game Of See-Saw

The hard work, sweat, toil… and ice, that go into putting that fresh fish on your table.

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The President's Granddaughter aka My Nani – How The First Family Of India Lives

From the halls of Rashtrapati Bhawan to everyday life – she handled the transition with class.

Feminist On Facebook, Gossip Monger On WhatsApp

The half-hearted feminism of urban Indian women.

Affluent India’s Bittersweet Love-Hate Relationship With Its Servants

We have gone from class to crass in a very short time.

My Walk At The Queer Pride Parade In Guwahati

Lesbians, gays, transmen, old men and women – it was an eclectic mix.