101 Coming Out



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Love & Sex

101 Coming Out follows the inspiring stories of members of the LGBTQI community who have finally decided that they don't want to hide who they really are.

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From The Series


Divyaroop's Story | Androgyny In India

23 year old Divyaroop is a BPO employee in Mumbai. He likes his boy's clothing, his high heels and his makeup. Divyaroop is androgynous, a term that's often mistaken to be similar to being transgender. Hailing from a small town, Divyaroop's family couldn't come to terms with his sexuality when his sister found out he is gay. With the support of friends and loved ones, Divyaroop just wants to prove to his family that he can lead a life of dignity just the way he is.

series: 101 Coming Out


Gautam's Story | Being Gay In India

Gautam hails from humble beginnings. Gautam was bullied throughout his childhood, being called names like 'girl, eunuch, and hijra'. Thankfully, when he told his parents about his sexuality, they stood by him like a rock. Coming from a humble background, Gautam's dad is a rickshaw driver in Delhi, but supports his son completely. And it's a good thing, too, because Gautam didn't know there was one more major speed bump around the corner.

series: 101 Coming Out


Shivali's Story - Born male, Now Transitioning To Female

Shivali is a woman's soul, trapped in a man's body. When she tried explaining this to her family, all did not go well at first. Her father reacted negatively, abusing her verbally and physically. Eventually, with the support of her mother, she has begun the transition from male to female. This is her story.

series: 101 Coming Out


Justine's Story | The Govt's Problem With Homosexuality

Justine is a 25 year old freelance hairstylist and fashion entrepreneur in Mumbai. She's also bisexual. This is the story of how she came out to herself, her friends, family and loved ones. For Justine it is just about people and if i find that emotional, intellectual attraction towards someone then it does not matter if it is a woman or man.

series: 101 Coming Out

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