101 Street Games



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Sports

Street Games is our tribute to the amazing ways in which we Indians use our hands on an everyday basis!

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From The Series


#1: Naariyal Baazi

Rio may have talent, but we've got our own desi home-grown skills too! There's a showdown on the streets! As we cheer on the athletes we've sent to Rio, we turned our gaze towards our own streets to look for amazing feats of skill and speed! Kanu Jana and Daulat Kumar face off in the first installment of the 101India Street Games. The two champions will face off against each other and against the buzzer to see who can skin the most coconuts in just one minute! They both have years of experience in the coconut business, but whose skill will stand out on a competitive field? We've decided to find out. This will be a dash to the finish line, with the winner walking away with the title of 'Street Champion Nariyal-baaz'!

series: 101 Street Games


#2: Chai Jump

You've seen athletes do the high jump, now watch locals do the chai jump! You see them on the streets everyday, performing their feats of agility with practiced ease. Yes, we're talking about your corner tapri chaiwala. With a casual flick of the wrist and stretch of the arms, they send a gleaming rainbow of tea from one mug to another. But who's the undisputed champion of the chai jump? Taufeeq and Nagraj will put their skills to the test to find out!

series: 101 Street Games


#3: Balloon Baazi

Blowing balloons is no monkey business. They walk past you on the beach, or at crowded traffic signals. But have you watched them creating their works of art? Vishal and Javed will face off head to head, making balloon monkeys at high speed! The first balloon-wrangler to finish making three balloon monkeys wins! It will be a showing of skill and speed; who will emerge victorious?

series: 101 Street Games

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