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Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Subculture, People

101Subway takes a look at people whose beliefs, values, styles, and attitudes differ from that of the prevailing culture. 101Subway looks at India’s evolving sub culture scene across trends like Cosplay, BMX, Graffiti Art, Street Art and even the culture of weed.

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Sumo Didi Hetal Dave: India's First Pro Sumo Wrestler

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling. Ranked world no.5, today she struggles to participate in tournaments due to lack of sponsors and government support. This could be the biggest fight of her life.

series: 101 Subway


Wtf Is Cosplay? Meet India's First Cosplayer

She can be an anime character one moment, and a Ninja the next. Meet Mumbai-based Niharika Patil, a professional cosplayer who is making heads turn with her exceptional talent and ever changing look.

series: 101 Subway


There's No Spot On The Body That A.J Can't Put Funky Steel Into

With over 10 years of piercing every body part you could think of, A.J bares all about surgical steel, areola studs, dermal insertions, blue smileys and cashing in from making people look shiny.

series: 101 Subway


A BMX Star Rises From The Slums Of Mumbai

Against all odds Annul Pale chases his dreams.

series: 101 Subway


Jaipur Ka Iron Man

A small town lad becomes a local hero, thanks to his love for cosplay. Ankit Singh had loved all things art for as long as he could remember. So when he learnt about the art of cosplaying, he just had to try it out himself. He started small, with an Iron Man mask, and then moved up to a full body Iron Man armoured suit. Ultimately, he became a master of the craft, winning himself a golden ticket to ComicCon Singapore. Every year, he tries to keep his friends and fans guessing what his next costume will be.

series: 101 Subway


Alisha Abdullah - India's 1st Female Superbike Champion

If someone says 'Women can't ride', ask them to meet all-round badass Alisha Abdullah. Once involved in a dangerous accident while driving a go-kart, Alisha was nudged back towards racing by her father. She went on to defeat men and women alike to become India's first Female Racing Champion. Alisha has set up her The Alisha Abdullah Foundation - an initiative to train women racers and riders, to help more women get into the boys club that is Indian racing.

series: 101 Subway


Delhi's Street Workout Crew

Who needs a gym when you can get a better workout on the streets? Street workout is a form of free body weight exercise, making it affordable for anyone, anywhere. Alphapack is a team of street workout athletes founded in 2016 with the goal of promoting street workout and calisthenics in India. Branded clothing and showing off at gyms is not for these young athletes, who want people around the country to know about this form of exercise.

series: 101 Subway


The Barefoot Skateboarders

India's largest skateboarding park isn't in a big city, it's in a small village in Madhya Pradesh. A sport which has long been identified with urban neighbourhoods across the world, is being used in a village in central India as a trigger for social change. Ulrike Reinhard - a German national - established a skate park in Janwar, Madhya Pradesh in February 2015, with the help of a few Indian and international skateboarding organisations.

series: 101 Subway


India's Shaolin Gurukul & Its Kung Fu Master

Meet Shifu Kanishka Sharma: the first Indian to ever train at the Shaolin Temple. Watching 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin' changed Kanishka Sharma's life. Introduced to the film by his driver, he was so awestruck by the film that he decided to learn the martial arts himself. Starting at the young age of 6, Kanishka has been practicing martial arts for 31 years now, mastering 7 different forms of combat.

series: 101 Subway


Woman Of Steel: India's Female Bodybuilding Champion | Yashmeen Chauhan

This Woman Of Steel is redefining standards of female beauty and strength, one benchpress at a time. She's won the Ms. India Bodybuilding Championship twice, and even earned India a Bronze medal at the Ms. Asia contest. But that wasn't enough for Yashmeen Chauhan. After a steroid treatment for a severe case of typhoid at a young age caused her to gain a lot of weight, Yashmeen promised herself that one day, she would have a great body. She's kept that promise, and is now the first woman to own and run a gym in Gurgaon, even training the men who join. So what more could she want? Just for women everywhere to know how important it is to be mentally and physically fit, and to work on keeping themselves in shape.

series: 101 Subway


Parsi Panja

Doctor VC discovers that the Parsis are a small but strong community. Literally! They may be few in number, but there's no doubting their spirit and enthusiasm! Doctor VC attends the first All Zoroastrian Men & Women Arm Wrestling Competition, 2016 and takes in the passion and madness that makes for a great Bawa event.

series: 101 Subway


Painted By Zeeshan

Meet makeup artist Zeeshan Ali, whose work is redefining gender roles. Makeup knows no gender, as artist and model Zeeshan Ali is out to prove. Taking inspiration from his daily life, the streets, and sometimes even his cat, Zeeshan takes everyday items and puts them together to create looks that wouldn't be out of place on any of the world's fashion ramps.

series: 101 Subway


Gloving: Lighting Up My Life

How a seriously trippy dance form became this young dancer’s escape from his personal demons. There’s an intensely visual dance form lighting up the international dance community, and Mohit (a.k.a. Frodo) is currently the only Indian practicing it. Born out of the rave party and hip hop scene in the early 2000s, ‘Gloving' involves putting on a light show for audiences using sets of gloves with micro-lights in them. ‘Glovers’ dazzle audiences with intricate hand movements and flashing light patterns, creating a visual experience like no other.

series: 101 Subway


Bouldering: Life On The Rocks

A new extreme sport is climbing to the top in India. Some guys climb mountains. Some just climb rocks. Big f*cking rocks. Meet Sandeep, Adarsh and Jerry, three young climbers who are at the forefront of this new extreme sport in India. Follow them as they retrace the steps of their hero, Pil Lockey, who first started to explore the region around Chhatru, Himachal Pradesh. Their goal is to promote the sport and explore new regions and climbing routes in the Himalayas, and in other places around the country.

series: 101 Subway


Dreamline: A Walk In The Sky

Rohit Vartak's balancing act, hundreds of feet in the air. Highlining is an extreme version of a sport called slacklining, in which athletes walk across a 1-inch wide springy band of rope, suspended high above the ground. Rohit Vartak is one of the first Indians to take to this daring sport. The goal is simple: walk across this thin band, usually from one cliff to another. It's like tightrope walking, except the rope is bouncy, and the wind is trying to knock you off. With highlining, usually it's not a matter of if you will fall, but when. Because the shortest route from one cliff to another, is also the scariest.

series: 101 Subway

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