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Short documentaries that look at fringes of Bollywood industry.

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Anjali Ameer: India's Transgender Leading Lady

The inspiring story of Anjali's struggle to become 'a complete woman'. Anjali Ameer. Born male, in a traditional Muslim family in Kerala, Anjali Ameer's story is one of aspiration, conflict and victory. From being trapped in a man's body, to a sex change operation, to starring in a lead role opposite superstar Mammootty in the upcoming film Peranbu, hers is an amazing journey of winning against the odds.

series: 101 Movietown


Pooja Gupta: Star of India's Hot Movies

Pooja feels she can take on the world, thanks to India's B-grade film industry. Ever wondered what the family life of a B-grade actress is like? Married at the young age of 14, Pooja Gupta wasn't sure what to make of her life when her husband divorced her after the birth of their second child. Working as a makeup artist for a few years paid the bills, but it was when a casting director asked her to shoot a scene that her life turned around. Today, Pooja is a bold, confident woman who has the support of her mother and two daughters to pursue a career in 'hot movies'.

series: 101 Movietown


Ankita Singh: Confessions Of A B-Grade Actress

You've seen the posters, you've seen the sleaze. Now meet the real people behind it all. Ankita Singh has been working in the B-grade film industry for several years now. Having starred in films like 'Munni Metric Pass 2' and 'Leke Ishq Mein Risk Sanam', she's no stranger to a little skin-show. But the industry is not all glamour and glitz. It's been a hard life, with little or no support from family. Actresses like Ankita walk the thin line between earning a living and struggling to earn the respect that any hard working professional deserves.

series: 101 Movietown


The Amitabh Bachchan Temple In Kolkata

"Sorry God, we worship Amitabh more than you." In this temple, there is only one God, and his name is Bachchan. The All Bengal Amitabh Bachchan Fans' Association is more than just a few dedicated fans of the super star. To them, he is not just one of the greatest actors in the country, but a literal God amongst men. Performing social work in the actor's name, Sanjay Patodia is the State Secretary of the organisation, and talks to us about why they love Amitabh Bachchan so much.

series: 101 Movietown


The Man Who Would Be Rajinikant

Rajinikanth fans are known to be some of the most devoted followers of celebrity in the world. But even among them, one man stands out. Our host Doctor VC travelled to the district of Dindigul to meet Somusundaram - The Man Who Would Be Rajini. Inspired by Rajini from a young age, Somu, called Rajini Somu by most, began to do everything in his power to emulate the Superstar, from hairstyle to habits, to even taking a blade to his face to match his features. Join Doctor VC's surreal trip to a small town screening of superstar Rajinikanth's Kabali with his lookalike.

series: 101 Movietown


Becoming Bachchan: The Amitabh Lookalike Who Became A Star

Firoz Khan's life changed when he walked into a movie theatre and watched Amitabh Bachchan's iconic hit 'Deewaar'. Stepping out of the theatre, he knew he wanted to be just like him. His love for Amitabh Bachchan, and uncanny imitation of the legendary actor brought him all the way from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai, where he bagged the role of a very convincing Amitabh Bachchan lookalike for several years.

series: 101 Movietown


Kung Fu Chandra: Sandalwood's Unsung Action Hero

Chandra Shekhar is the man behind the amazing action sequences in over 500 Sandalwood films. Starting off as a stuntman, Kung Fu Chandra has worked his way up to being the Action Director for many successful films. As he says: In this business, if you're scared, you're dead.

series: 101 Movietown


Bollywood Gori - Foriegners In Indian Films

Ever wondered where Bollywood gets all its dancing foreigners? We found out where Bollywood's dancing goris come from, and how the industry treats them. Meet Sonu Srivastava, a man who has been feeding Bollywood's foreigner fixation since 1999. Agencies like this one, KS Productions, hire foreigners traveling through India, and employ them as extras in Bollywood.

series: 101 Movietown


The Story Of A Stuntman

The real heroes who crash through windows, jump off buildings and survive car crashes for your favourite movie scenes. These brave men and women stand in for action film superstars and bear the actual cuts and bruises it takes to get that perfect shot.

series: 101 Movietown

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