101 Oddly In India



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: People

Short documentaries about people with bizarre hobbies/craft/liking

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Doctor VC Discovers Cowpathy | Beauty Products From Cowdung & More | Unique Stories From India

Doctor VC tries beauty products made from cowdung, cow urine and more.

series: 101 Oddly In India


Fire Haircut In New Delhi | Oddly In India

After gel, cream and wax, the latest craze in hair styling is here, and it's a candle!

series: 101 Oddly In India


The Garden Taxi Of Kolkata | Unique Stories from India

Even with a Mercedes parked next to it, you'll probably be looking at this Kolkata taxi instead.

series: 101 Oddly In India


He's Got Over 700 Tattoos On His Body & 500 Straws In His Mouth | Unique Stories from India

Ripleys Guinness Rishi is obsessed with holding world records with 25 Guinness Book Records and 25 certificates from the Limca Book of Records.

series: 101 Oddly In India


Fire Paan At Connaught Place, New Delhi | Unique Stories from India

FIRE PAAN which is set on fire before being placed in the mouth of the customer. It is made with the same ingredients as any other normal paan.

series: 101 Oddly In India


O Naughty Krishna, Tell Me How | Raag Hameer | English Bandish

A karaoke music video for an Indian classical bandish in English. As a third generation Indian classical musician, Kiran Phatak never really got the lure of musical genres like Rap, Rock, and Pop. Around 5-6 years back realisation dawned upon him and he concluded that it is the English language that these mostly western musical styles are sung in, that stops him from fully appreciating the music. By way of extrapolation, he also inferred that in order for Indian classical music to become relevant and popular amongst the youth of the world, he would need to sing his Bandishes in their language of choice – English. He promptly penned down around 20-25 Bandishes in English; some of them direct translations of traditional ones and a few originals that tackled modern themes such as smartphones running out of battery and putting an end to the nightly conversations between two lovers.

series: 101 Oddly In India


What a Cool Pleasant Atmosphere | Karaoke Music Video | English Bandish

Sing along with the music video of this Hindustani classical music track. In English. Kiran Phatak wants to bring Indian classical music to the global audience. And the best way to do that is to ensure that people around the world and understand the lyrics. Sing along with this karaoke version of his bandish 'What A Cool Pleasant Atmosphere', sung in Raag Kedar.

series: 101 Oddly In India


The Man Who Sings Raagas. In English. | English Bandish

Kiran Phatak's take on Hindustani classical music will get stuck in your head. Classical singer and teacher Kiran Phatak has an unusual take on Indian classical music. He has taken it upon himself to translate the classical bandishes he's learnt into English, and write new ones in English. Singing melodious praises to Lord Krishna in Raag Hameer and the beautiful weather in Raag Kedaar is just the start. He firmly believes that modern-day issues like mobile phones and dating should also be incorporated into classical music to make it more relevant to the youth today.

series: 101 Oddly In India


The Man Who Fries Fish With His Fingers

Prem Singh, 65, has become famed for his unique ability. He regularly plucks fried fish from the vat - which is heated up to 200 degree Celsius - using his bare hands. But amazing fact is that he has never suffered any burns.

series: 101 Oddly In India


The Man Who Had His Dog Stuffed | Pet Puja

Is this pure love and devotion or has it gone too far? Captain Santosh Sharma felt a huge void in his life with the passing of his faithful pet, Shery. Unable to deal with the loss of his beloved German Shepherd, Captain Sharma turned to taxidermy to recapture Shery's essence in his life. Is this the purest form of love that a human being can show for a faithful companion, or this love gone too far?

series: 101 Oddly In India


Pet Puja

Pet lovers, do you love your pets THIS much? Delve into the story of people who have gone all the way to make sure their furry friends never leave them. Are they crazy, obsessed or just truly devoted?

series: 101 Oddly In India

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