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Borun and Mamota Yumnam: Mr. & Mrs. Bodybuilding | 101 Love In India



The love story of a couple who share a unique passion.

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The love story of a couple who share a unique passion.

Borun and Mamota Yumnam are the first couple to win medals for India at international body building championships. Borun Yumnam is a 15 time National Championship winning bodybuilder, and has won Mr. Asia 3 times. In 2011, when he was taking part in the Mr. Asia competition, his wife Mamota decided to start body building too. The very next year, she won Bronze at Miss Asia. This is their endearing love story.

101 Love in India celebrates the triumph of love against the odds. Love in all of its shapes, forms, genders, expressions, and peculiarities. Legal love, and illegal love. Timeless love and lusty love. Through stories of people fighting archaic laws and battling social norms, 101 Love in India showcases those who’ve overcome adversity to be with their soulmates.

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