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Rohit Vartak’s balancing act, hundreds of feet in the air.

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Rohit Vartak's balancing act, hundreds of feet in the air.

Highlining is an extreme version of a sport called slacklining, in which athletes walk across a 1-inch wide springy band of rope, suspended high above the ground. Rohit Vartak is one of the first Indians to take to this daring sport. The goal is simple: walk across this thin band, usually from one cliff to another. It's like tightrope walking, except the rope is bouncy, and the wind is trying to knock you off. With highlining, usually it's not a matter of if you will fall, but when. Because the shortest route from one cliff to another, is also the scariest.

101 Subway takes a look at people whose beliefs, values, styles, and attitudes differ from that of the prevailing culture. Subway looks at India’s evolving sub culture scene across trends like Cosplay, BMX, Graffiti Art, Street Art and even the culture of weed.

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