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It’s not all bad despite the negative press.

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It’s not all bad despite the negative press.

It’s that time in the world where they say we’re in the golden age of gaming. With VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) coming into the picture, one should make the most of a traditional, yet modern way of gaming. Gaming is never going to be the same once new technology kicks in, but people will still be at it. It’s safe to say (though maybe gaming and safe aren’t considered synonymous anymore) that gaming, especially in India, is no longer just a hobby. If you ask me, I prefer staying in on a weekend and going at it on my PS4. Nonstop. 

To clarify, I’m not a pro-gamer. I don’t compete in leagues, heck I don’t even play the MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online). This is because my family still wants to live in the Stone Age with a 512-kbps internet connection. I also haven’t grown up playing all the old school games that most gamers must have. As a child, I had the cheap rip-off of the PlayStation called the PolyStation. (PS…if you know what I’m talking about, you’re awesome!)

1Welcome to the world of gaming. Image source:

Welcome to the world of gaming. Image source:

Now that you know that I’m not a pro, and you’re still reading, you’re even more awesome. Whether it’s the all-time favourite Super Mario Bros or big platform games like the Final Fantasy series or even GTA for that matter, the world of video games is vast and beautiful, definitely one worth exploring.

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When you start, especially in the competitive gaming scene, there’s one word you’ll hear the most – NOOB. By definition the word means - a new player or essentially, a bad player. Even when I started out as a PC gamer, (I was young and naive, and thought PC gaming was the bomb) I always thought twice before going online on GArena and playing DOTA or Counter-Strike with players from across the world – What if they think I suck? What if they call me a Noob? What if they ban me from the servers?

2The most hated and overused word in the gaming universe. Image source:

The most hated and overused word in the gaming universe. Image source:

But everyone starts somewhere. So here I’m listing a few things you can do to avoid this ‘Online Anxiety.’

1. Call yourself out right when the game starts. Giving a heads up that you’re new to online gaming will give your teammates time to prepare and strategize accordingly. This will give you a strong back-up in case you make any rookie mistakes.

2. Always, and I mean ALWAYS prepare yourself to be trolled. There will be a few times that you’ll be an easy kill. On the in-game chat, the other team players will start trolling you, calling you names and slangs. My advice? Keep a few comebacks ready. For example, if someone kills you, and in the next round you manage a revenge kill, they will call you out by saying “it was a fluke.” There is one sentence that works like a charm here, and that is, “Don’t be salty.” It means - don’t be butt-hurt. Just google it. You’ll come across much more of this as you go along.

If competitive gaming isn’t your scene and you’re like me and love to play by yourself, then this gets even more difficult. There is a lot of research required.

What kind of game do you want to play? What platform do you want to play on? Figure out what type of genre you want to play first. Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformers, Racing, Shooters, Strategy, Sports, MMOPRGs.

3A lot of genres of games, not a lot of time to play them. Image source:

A lot of genres of games, not a lot of time to play them

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I suggest getting a demo of each genre and playing all of them. You’ll understand what each genre has in store and it won’t hurt your pocket that much. There’s also another question I’ve heard many times – Should I start with retro games first and then move on to the new-age? There is no wrong way to go about gaming. That said, too much of anything is bad. Start with whatever you want. Again, there’s no wrong way. 

Now let’s talk PC vs Console. Personally, I prefer the console. But there are many advantages to playing on the PC as well. They are power packed with a lot more control options. However, with new consoles coming up every few months, gaming on the console is going through a tremendous rise. More control over a character, with the additional options of immersive game-play, and also cross-platform gaming that may happen. 

One of my ex-girlfriends always wanted to get into gaming but never came around to it. If you’re like her, there is only one thing I can tell you - Take your time and hit up the Internet. There are countless games out there, just waiting for you to take them on.

Let the civil war begin. Image source:

Let the civil war begin. Image source:

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Gaming for money? Well, who wouldn’t like to earn while doing the one thing they love the most? Yes, you can earn by being a professional gamer. If you think you can tutor kids, teens or adults, you can officially give lectures on how to go about a level or beating bosses in a game. This mostly works for the mainstream games like PUBG, Fortnite. There are multiple options that you can find online as well. You can become an official game tester. You get to play the game before anyone else in the world. If you ask me, that is pretty freaking awesome! But it’s a difficult job to get. I’ve tried for Ubisoft (twice), Rockstar games and Naughty Dog games and I’ve been rejected immediately.

You can become a video game commentator, play video games, record the screen, record your face, talk about some random things about the game, throw in a few jokes here and there (the darker the better), edit, upload on YouTube, boom – you’re making money. The biggest YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, used to be a video game commentator. I rest my case. 

So go ahead, press start. An adventure awaits.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are independent views solely of the author(s) expressed in their private capacity and do not in any way represent or reflect the views of

By: Mohit Yagnik
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