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Real Life Ghost Tales From A Real Life Receiver



Horror diaries of a receiver 1.

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Horror diaries of a receiver 1.

I’ve never been afraid of the dark. I’ve never been afraid of anything actually; not monsters, not ghosts, not spirits (though I have to admit: flying cockroaches do give me the creeps). Growing up in a family of horror filmmakers does that to you. Ramsay blood courses through my veins. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother has been telling me bedtime stories about the paranormal -  probably not the best thing to get an eight-year-old to sleep at night, but you get where my fearlessness comes from, right?

At the age of 15, I started falling sick very often. No doctor was able to pinpoint what was wrong with me, and I became – as my granddad jokingly called it – a ‘medical tourist’, constantly travelling from one hospital to another. By the end of it, I was a walking-talking pharmacy, and my parents’ resultant dejection became palpable.

As usual, everyone had their own theories about my health. Some oldies blamed our generation and bad lifestyle, my grandparents were resolute that someone had put nazar on me out of jealousy, and my mother was convinced that some sort of negative force was attacking me. Both the house and I were flanked with pictures and symbols of God, in the hope that whatever it was that was so determinedly clinging on to me would let go.

Evil eye to keep away from the evil eye. Image source:

Evil eye to keep away from the evil eye. Image source:

As the year progressed, our luck worsened in all spheres. A friend of the family told us about a man who had a special connection with the other side, who had helped in many such cases. In a desperate attempt for some answers, we set up a meeting with him the very next day.

That was the day we were told that an evil spirit had latched on to our family. Yeah, we were skeptical at first as well; it’s easy to hold an unseen force responsible for all your problems. But, what happened a few weeks later is what made us consider this paranormal possibility.

At a wedding, a renowned coffee cup reader literally stopped my mother in her tracks as she was passing by, and warned her about the exact same thing – that my family was being troubled by an evil force, and that someone she loved very much was bearing the brunt of it. Weird, right?

The day we visited this man was also the day my mother and I both found out we were, what they call in supernatural terms, ‘receivers’; we had a gift. We weren’t in any way, full-blown psychics or ghost-whisperers, but we could sense and perceive things others couldn’t, even if we chose not to develop this gift.

That one word went on to explain so much that already had, and was about to happen. My family’s journey with the supernatural had only just begun.

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By Tiana Kirpalani
Photograph by: Tiana Kirpalani

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