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Meet The Bassists: The Men At The Back That Hold The Fort In A Band

They’ve got the groove and the moves. They are the backbone of a band. But chances are that you don’t know these musicians. Or know exactly what...

We Tried To Find The Real Meaning Of Indie Music In India. This Is What We Got

Fans are cheering for it, cool brands are throwing money at it. Hell, even Bollywood is borrowing talent from it. But will the real Indie please stand up?

A Dummy’s Guide To EDM Genres (Part 1)

Can't tell dubstep from house and trance from techno? Oh and FYI, EDM stands for electronic dance music. We help you become the next big name-dropping scenester...

India’s Top 6 Metal Bands That Are Rocking The Scene

You might not see them headlining popular music festivals like the latest Oh-So-Cool-DJ

I like the beats that run deep

As someone who loves electronica, I know there are very few fine gigs around. In The Underground, I'll bring you chill vibes and the music you really need....

10 Loserly Things You Must Stop Doing At Music Concerts

Heading to a rock gig, EDM party or a jazz concert? Carry your manners along, please.

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India's top 9 music fests described in one line

Indian music festivals are a breed apart. Besides supporting