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Vishal Dadlani On His Greatest Fear, Greatest Love, His Looks And PM Modi



The Pentagram frontman answers some mind bending questions.

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The Pentagram frontman answers some mind bending questions.

Greatest fear: Religion in Governance.

Greatest love: Music, I reckon. It's the only relationship I haven't fucked up. Yet.

Trait you deplore in yourself: That I care about stuff that has nothing to do with my life.

Trait you deplore in others: That so many don't.


Living person you admire: Arundhati Roy, for doing it, not just saying it.

Most overrated: Chetan Bhagat

On what occasion do you lie: When I say I don't.

What do you dislike about your appearance: What's to like?


Living person you most despise: I don't despise anyone. That would be giving them too much mindspace.

Quality you like in a man: Courage

Quality you most like in a woman: Courage

Words or phrases you most overuse: "Sort of"


If you could change one thing about yourself: My lack of tact.

Greatest achievement: Showing up.

Where would you most like to live: Someplace quiet, beautiful and not crowded.

Most prized possession: Some letters.


Lowest depth of misery: Been there.

What do you most value in your friends: That they know I'm not social, and don't insist that I must be.

Your hero of fiction: Modi

Heroes in real life: The guys at an organisation called "Music Basti" that teaches street-kids music with a view to giving them a career path.


Greatest regret: Not racking up more regrets. They make for great songs.

How would you like to die: On stage with Pentagram.

Your motto: Never fill in Proustian questionnaires.

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