101 All The Way In I Koovagam



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Travel & Food

101 All The Way In follows out host as he meets people and dives All The Way into their lives.

101 All The Way In is a fascinating mix of quirky and rare cultural experiences in a travel show that’s truly immersive and totally real.

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From The Series


Koovagam: Episode 1: The Hotel

Party animal Rosh goes for a bash he'll never forget - with 100,000 members of the transgender community. Every year in May, the sleepy village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu comes alive. Thousands flock to this village for Koovagam - Asia's largest transgender festival. City boy Rosh was sent in to experience the festival the way the locals do. He gets (a little too) up close and personal with the transgender community and begins to understand what life is like for them.

series: 101 All The Way In I Koovagam


Koovagam: Episode 2: The Wedding Of Lord Aravan

Rosh attends Miss Koovagam 2017 and meets Tanuja, one of Aravan’s badass brides. Every year in May, Asia’s largest transgender festival transforms the sleepy village of Koovagam into a hotspot of activity. The 15-day festival is full of madness, religion, energy, culture, sex and so much more, as Rosh finds out. Attending the now famous Miss Koovagam, Rosh meets the firebrand Tanuja, who becomes his guide for the rest of the journey.

series: 101 All The Way In I Koovagam


Thrissur Pooram: The Mother Of All Festivals

Roshmin gets an inside look at India's largest and most beautiful elephant festival. Shivasundar is the thoroughbred star at Thrissur Pooram - the mother of all festivals in Kerala. Held every year at the temple located at the heart of the city, Thrissur Pooram is a spectacle of light, colour, music, fireworks, and above all, elephants. Join host Roshmin as he gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to follow the star of the show, lead elephant Shivasundar on his journey through the entire festival!

series: 101 All The Way In I Koovagam

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