101 Off Track



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Subculture & Sports

101 Off track examines the people and sports on the road less traveled. From off-road biking to paragliding, meet the people and sports that run on adrenaline.

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From The Series


The 17th Raid De Himalaya

The Raid De Himalaya is one of the world's toughest rally races. At ~6000 mt above sea level, the Raid is the world's highest Motorsport Rally. Former HR Head Ashish Prabhu has quit his job and is pursuing his dream of taking part in the 17th edition of Asia's most dangerous rally race!

series: 101 Off Track


Ashish Prabhu Races The Raid De Himalaya

Ashish Prabhu quit his cushy job as Vice President HR at a top technology firm to pursue his dreams. Join him as he goes off the track to participate in the Raid De Himalaya - one of the toughest offroad races in the world!

series: 101 Off Track

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