101 Roots



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Travel & Food

101 Roots is the journey back : To discover the origins of our crafts, traditions, heritage and our selves. Who we are and what we do are reflections where we come from - and where we might be headed.

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From The Series


The Journey Back - MMA To Akhada - Episode 1

MMA fighter Yadvinder Singh takes his crew back to his childhood akhada. Yadvinder 'The Beast' Singh is one of India's top Mixed Martial Arts fighters. Known for his relentless energy levels and never-say-die attitude, Yad's coach calls him 'the life of the group'. Coach Jitendra 'Vicky' Khare and teammates Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali and Andrew Canday were finally always intrigued by Yad's stories about his childhood in the local akhada. Finally, they've been given the chance to journey back to Yad's village and pit themselves against the best the local akhada has to offer.

series: 101 Roots


Bootcamp - MMA To Akhada - Episode 2

Team Relentless is an MMA crew comprising India's top ranked mixed martial arts fighters - Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali, Andrew Canday and Yadvinder 'The Beast' Singh. They've journeyed back to Yad's village in Punjab to learn the secrets of mud wrestling from the akhada pehlwans. There's no dumbbells or fancy equipment here, just guys with maces, truck tyres and akhada exercises!

series: 101 Roots


Chaitanya (MMA) vs Mandeep (Akhada) - Episode 3

Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali has won multiple Mixed Martial Arts Championships, and is India's top MMA fighter. But the speed and technique that have made him one of the most dangerous fighters in the world, may not help him in a mudpit! Chaitanya's greatest challenge may not be in a ring or a cage, but in the mudpit of a local akhada in Punjab! Will Chaitanya's speed and technique match up to the strength and endurance needed to last in an akhada?

series: 101 Roots


Andrew (MMA) vs Himanshu (Akhada) - Episode 4

Andrew Canday's goal is to become the next top Indian lightweight MMA fighter. But right now, he's a long way from the steel cages and MMA fighting rings. In a local akhada in a small village in Punjab, Andrew will try to take on a Gold Medal winning pehlwan named Himanshu.

series: 101 Roots


My Great Grandfather's Grave | 101 Roots

How an Israeli artist's project turned into a journey of self-discovery in Kochi. Meydad Eliyahu is a visual artist who was born in Mesilat Zion, not far from Jerusalem in Israel. Hailing from a family of Malabar Jews (a group of Jews that moved from Kochi to Israel in the 1950s), he's grown up hearing the stories of his family heritage. An art project called 'Box of Documents' started Meydad off on his journey to explore his roots; and as it unfolded, his journey became the project itself. Meydad has travelled thousands of miles to come back to the city that he has heard and read so much about, but never seen before, in an attempt to find his way back to his roots.

series: 101 Roots

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