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How an American woman helped build the Tibetan Women’s Football Team in India.

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How an American woman helped build the Tibetan Women's Football Team In India.

Tibet may not be recognised as an independent nation, but it has a women's football team. One based in India, no less. For decades, Tibetan refugees have called India home. Cassie Childers has helped some of them band together to form Tibet's Women's Football team. Coached by Gompo Dorjee, a former member of the Tibetan Men's Football team, these young girls want nothing more than the chance to represent their nation on an international stage. Recently, the team was denied visas to travel to the United States to play in a tournament. In response, the Vancouver International Soccer Festival invited the team to travel to Canada to participate. The tournament begins on 6th July 2017. 

Outside the metros and beyond the urban jungle live the sons and daughters of India’s heartland. This series tells their stories. 101 Heartland celebrates both unique communities and individual tales of hope, struggle, and reform. From the village of bouncers just outside Delhi to the fascinating story of Ram Kumar Tyagi, once a wanted man but now a coach for aspiring female wrestlers, 101 Heartland tells stories for the heart, from the heartland.

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