101 The Journey



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: People

101 The Journey is an experience where, as is often the case in life, the journey is sometimes more important than the destination ever was.

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From The Series


A General Retires | 101 The Journey

As Gen. I.S. Singha enters civilian life, father and son set off on a trip to rekindle their bond. Growing up, Harman Singha hardly spent any time with his father. The story is the same for most army families, with the women raising the children, while the men are posted away for months at a time. Now that the General's years of service have come to an end, finally, father and son have a chance to explore their bond. Together, they will hop onto a bike, and take a trip to Amritsar, to visit The Golden Temple, and then the Wagah Border.

series: 101 The Journey

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