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Andrew (MMA) vs Himanshu (Akhada) - Episode 4 | 101 Roots

What happens when an MMA fighter takes on an Akhada pehlwan?

Chaitanya (MMA) vs Mandeep (Akhada) - Episode 3 | 101 Roots

Can an MMA Champion's technique take on a kushti pehlwan's endurance?

MMA To Akhada

Yadvinder 'The Beast' Singh is one of India's top Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

Bootcamp - MMA To Akhada - Episode 2 | 101 Roots

India's #1 MMA crew Team Relentless gets an akhada-style workout.

The Journey Back - MMA To Akhada - Episode 1 | 101 Roots

MMA fighter Yadvinder Singh takes his crew back to his childhood akhada.

Previewing Euro 2016: The Tragedy, The Farce, And The Unfettered Joy

An idiot's guide to the Euros, and some of the reasons that will keep us hooked.

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Muhammad Ali Took On The Man, Both Inside The Boxing Ring And Outside

A tribute to arguably the most influential sports personality of all time.

The 101India English Premier League Awards

We hand out our special awards to the stars of the last English Premier League season.

The IPL Circus Is Leaving Town… Hopefully

What next for this modern beast?

Alisha Abdullah - India's 1st Female Superbike Champion

If someone says 'Women can't ride', ask them to meet all-round badass Alisha Abdullah.

Team Relentless: 101 Fight Club Ep 3

India's no.1 Mixed Martial Arts team you've never heard of.

101 Fight Club

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport that happens to be the fastest growing in the world. MMA is still building ground in India.