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Yadvinder Singh: 101 Fight Club Ep 2

One of Mumbai's top MMA fighters shows us how he earned the nickname 'The Beast'.

Chaitanya Gavali: 101 Fight Club Ep 1

Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali - India's Champion MMA Fighter from Mumbai

India's First Scooter Stunt Rider - One Wheel Game

Anyone can do stunts on a bike. Dinesh Verma does it on a scooter.

The Death Roll - One Wheel Game

You wouldn't believe the level of trust it takes to be part of a stunt riding team.

Life or Death - One Wheel Game

The dangers of stunt riding became all too clear when a choreographed stunt goes wrong.

Stunt Riding Is Not A Crime - One Wheel Game

Repeat after me: "Stunting is not a crime".

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Ballet With Bikes - One Wheel Game

Most guys dance with girls. These guys dance with their bikes.

Off Track: The 17th Raid De Himalaya

The Raid De Himalaya: The World's Toughest Offroad Race.

Off Track: Ashish Prabhu Races The Raid De Himalaya

I quit my job in HR to race a dirt bike in the Himalayas.

Sumo Didi Hetal Dave: India's First Pro Sumo Wrestler

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling.